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Raihan Ali
Jun 30, 2022
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Children and Students, We Have Established a Top-Class Market Share in the Industry and Have Won Numerous Awards Such as the Good Design Award and the Kids Design Award. in Recent Years, It Has Been Selling Products to a Wide Range of Age Groups, Such as Stationery for Adults, Storage Products for Businessmen, and Notebooks for Housewives. This Job Offer Is Looking for Designers. Responsible for Designing Products and Packages Such as School Children's Stationery, General Stationery, and Miscellaneous Goods the Kokuyo Design T-Shirt Design Award" Is an International Competition in Which Kokuyo Co., Ltd. Discovers Designers Who Will Lead the Next Generation and Supports Their Success Through Commercialization. This Time, the 19th Time, a Total of 1,031 Entries (555 Domestic and 476 Overseas) Were Submitted from 58 Countries in Japan and Overseas. the Theme Was "Unlearning", and the Design of the Product Required While Envisioning the Future Was Solicited by Resetting the Knowledge and Feelings That Had Never Been Doubted and the Accumulated Experience. in the Final Screening, 10 Works Selected Through the First Screening and Patent Survey in November Last Year Were Presented and Model Screening Was Conducted, and Then the Winning Works Were Decided by the Final Deliberation by the Judges.a Special Exhibition "Kojikoji Expo" Will Be Held from April 23rd to July 10th at Play! Museum in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Momoko Sakura's Manga Work "Kojikoji" Is a Fusion of Nonsense Gag and Fantasy. in This Exhibition, We Will Introduce a Number of Unique Characters, Wise Sayings, and Main Stories Through the Installation of "Fairy Tale Country" Where Kojikoji and Others Live, Original

Raihan Ali

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